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Mediation - the logical choice

Mediation provides a logical and practical answer to bringing construction disputes to a swift conclusion. It helps to avoid the need for costly legal involvement, keeps protracted stand-offs to a minimum and eases the strain of post-contract relationships.

Parlé offers a highly confidential and unique blend of lawyers and technical experts, all of whom are experienced Accredited Construction Mediators.

Our highly skilled, independent and neutral mediators help to end conflict immediately, by facilitating a process which enables warring parties to reach positive and viable agreements.

Each Parlé mediation is usually conducted over an uninterrupted day, the decision to settle and the terms of the agreement rests with the parties in dispute, not the Parlé mediator.

At Parlé, we use the skills of our trained mediators to identify hot spots, aid communication and work through perceived intransigence in order to eliminate distraction and seek out an all-sided solution. All in all, bringing the matter to a speedy close and confidential solution.

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